7 Types of People You Must Avoid to Lead a Positive Life!

Over the years we come in contact with many people. Some become friends, some become acquaintances and others we forget.

Life is not a straight line. Sometimes you wish you had not made friends with certain kind of people. When I look back in my life, I have done few such mistakes when it comes to getting into relationships. I do regret now.

When I see these relationships, there is a common thread that runs through them. And here are the 7 Types of People You must Distance from to Lead a Positive Life:

#1. Those who are Unloving:

We are rich in hearts, but poor with love.

Anthony Liccione
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Love is a universal language. It comes in various forms. Father, Mother, Siblings, Friends, Lovers, and so on. Love spreads positive vibes. Love keeps the relationships strong.

But sometimes you come across relationships that are purely based on selfish motives. You are friends with someone because you have something to gain. Once you have achieved your motive, you give up on that relationship.

It is not easy to find out these kind of people in your life. Look for people who are only taking and not giving in terms of time, effort. These are the kind of people who you should distance from.

#2. Those who are Ungrateful:

A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.

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Being grateful is the best you can do to yourself. Being grateful has the same effect as spreading joy. Since a year I have been doing gratitude journaling and I can literally see my life improve.

You also may come across people who are not so thankful for what they have in life. The relationships, the money, the job, the house. They take everything for granted.

I run away from these kind of people. Because they spread negative energy. If you are always cribbing about stuff rather than thanking for the things you have, you invite negative energy into your life, which will not only ruin you but also those who are close to you.

How to be grateful?

Being grateful is so easy. Just look in your day to day life.

  • What are you blessed with?
  • What helps you live a good life?

I am grateful for the following:

  • My family
  • My Job
  • Money I have
  • My friends
  • My relatives who care
  • My house where I live
  • Tools which help me perform better
  • My active and curious mind
  • Plus many aspects.

You don’t need great things to happen to be grateful. Be thankful for all your gifts. What you appreciate, appreciates.

#3. Those who are Unkind:

Being kind to the unkind is a higher art of kindness

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Kindness comes from within. Kindness is putting yourself in the shoes of others and walking a mile.

Yet, most of us rather ignore this quality. Many of us lack simple and basic empathy. I have recently read a news article where some teenagers filmed a drowning man while shooting a video and laughing about it.

We need to understand one thing. It not the thing that you only commit that you are responsible. It is also the things that you omit.

I used to see my grandmother being so kind to strangers. One day, a person who she did not know landed up on our doorstep asking for some favor. Without much hesitation, my granny gave her what she wanted and much more. I did not realise this at the moment. But when I do think about it now, I feel so proud of my grandmother.

See others from the lens of kindness.

#4. Those who are Unmotivated:

Whatever you are, be a good one.

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We come across these types of people everyday. I had some acquaintances who were close to me. And they lacked any motivation in life. Their only motivation was the short term validation that they would have from their social media feed. They wanted everything easy in life.

Often we compare ourselves with those who have already achieved much more than we have. But we forget to see the work the successful people have put in to reach wherever they have reached.

Keeping your motivation level high is of paramount importance to achieve your goals. Success does not come with prayer. It needs real work. Sweat.

And if you feel someone in your life lacks motivation, push them with your energy.

#5. Those who are Unambitious:

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

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I remember a speech that I had to make. This was delivered originally by Mark Anthony upon the assassination of Caesar.

One of his lines was,

Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.

at that time, I did not know the meaning of ambition.

ambition meaning

If someone you know has no strong desire to achieve something, it is time you give up that relationship. Ambition comes from within.

In a movie I watched called, Don (Hindi)…one of the friends of Don says to him….’It is not good to be selfish.’ For which Don replies, ‘You have misunderstood Ambition for being Selfish.’

I do not support the character Don. But the tone he set for Ambition is what caught my attention. If you or anyone close to you lack the hunger for success, you may not achieve it after all.

#6. Those who are Unhelpful:

He who serves the most, reaps the most.

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The world goes around because we help each other. Not literally, but you get the point right?

My intention with whatever I do is to be HELPFUL to others. In whatever way. Through my blog, through my content, through my courses. I would like to genuinely help others achieve their goals.

And if your friend circle has people who are constantly unhelpful, then your chances of success are slimmer. If your close associates do not support or help your cause in whatever way, I feel you have to think twice to continue the relationship. There are always leeches in the society who thrive on other people. Beware of these kinds of individuals.

True relationships culminate with helping each other.

And it should not be one way. You help and take help.

#7. Those who make you Uncomfortable:

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Do you feel like someone is constantly judging you? Do they give you the creeps?

I get you entirely.

They have an opinion on everything. They are overly negative. They are overly bossy.

I have had friends who had these behavior. Whenever I suggested something, they would judge me for what I said without giving objective responses. As time went by I developed a kind of lack of comfort with these people.

I distanced myself from their company and my life has been great since then. If someone tries to control you or your life, it is a sign I would take to keep distance from these kinds of individuals. Believe me you would better off without this negative energy.

Leading a positive life is more important these days given the time we live in. We are constantly running these days. There is an invisible race that is going on in the world. But don’t give in to it. It is also good to think whether you have any of these qualities that spread negative energy.

Audit the people in your life. Do they spread positive energy or negative energy? Do they support you in your cause or are a drag? Answer these questions carefully to lead a successful and positive life. Wish you the best.

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