You’re Using This Tool Daily. But You’re Doing It All Wrong. Follow My 5 Simple Tips to Optimise Your Life!

Information flow is what the internet is about. Information sharing is power. If you don’t share your ideas, smart people can’t do anything about them, and you’ll remain anonymous and powerless.

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This tool has changed the world. You’re using it most of your waking time. You may not realize this. It’s so powerful that, it has disrupted the business and the world forever.

If you still have not guessed, it’s the thing called:


Internet is such a powerful medium and gift to humanity that it is impossible to think of any other revolution which has had more impact. It has touched every part of the life. To say that our lives these days are dependent on it, is not an understatement.

The Internet is a double-edged sword or a golden knife. It can do so much good and it can also be manipulated to inflict ill.

How are you using this for your advantage. I recently learnt that internet entrepreneurs (tech entrepreneurs) has created more millionaires than any other industry. Just take a look at the top companies around you. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix. These are massive companies thriving with the power of internet.

But are you using internet to your advantage?

Here is what I would like you to do:

Look back to the past 4 hours and audit your internet activity. I did it for myself and I was shocked to find out how I was using my time on the internet, especially on my mobile:

  • You may be using the internet for your work purpose – don’t count this.
  • Look at your mobile and check for the digital balance. Both Android and Apple phones provide this
  • Find out how much of it was a useful activity
  • If not, see where your time has gone!

Here is a screenshot from my phone: 😞

image 24
image 27

How much of this was useful? You are the best judge for your time.

Now, I do not wish to be a philosopher and teach you what is the best use of your time. You know what to do with your time better than anyone else.

If you do not already know, TIME is the most important asset that you will ever have. When you think of your time as an asset your perspective will change. I was worse than this; I used to spend much more time on internet and apps browsing for mindless entertainment.

Apps like Facebook are engineered in such a way that you get sucked into it for hours. That’s why they hire scientists and top engineers to use human psychology and seek attention. Attention is the new currency of the internet.

Watch this video from former Facebook management on how they literally engineered the viral application:

Same goes with Tik Tok. It looks to me like more dangerous than even Facebook.

So, Deepak what should I do to limit my consumption?

Here is what I do to limit my consumption of mindless internet entertainment:

#1. Set Clear Goals

With apps like Facebook, Tik Tok, virality is a feature. And most of that virality is useless. I mean, yes, the cat at a banana. So what?

Set a clear goal for your mobile phone.

‘My phone is a communication medium. I will use it to keep in touch with my friends and relatives. And occasionally to view apps that I like. That’s it’

This above sentence has helped me eliminate most of my browsing habits.

#2. Set ‘Digital Limit’

This is quite tough to manage. I have failed myself to limit my digital exposure on my mobile phone.

Every modern mobile comes with a feature known as ‘Digital Balance.’ Make use of this feature. I have set my digital balance at 30 minutes a day.

image 28

Yout don’t have to be strict with this. But having this is a constant reminder that you are supposed to limit your exposure to phone apps. And each time you have to unlock the balance, you have 2 steps to go. I have myself not unlocked many times just because this feature is active.

image 29

#3. Download and Use Growth Apps

This has changed my life.

Instead of social media apps, why don’t you download apps where you can learn or read?

My favorite apps are:

These are positive apps where you can learn new skills, read books, do online courses. Instead of regular social media apps, do yourself a favor and ‘upskill’ yourself.

#4. Download Forest App to Regain Focus (Thank me later!)

This was one of my favourite find.

Forest App is an app to stay focussed and be present.

forest infographic en 2
forest infographic en 3

When I have to do serious work for extended amount of time, I start my Forest app and let the tree grow.

forest infographic en 4

My current session:

forest 2

By running this app, you will find more focus and you will be present. For every session that you do with this app, literally a tree is planted.

#5. Follow Positive People and Accounts on Social Media

One great activity I have done in the past month was that I reviewed all my Instagram feed. I unfollowed all models, influencers, film stars, celebrities. And I started following entrepreneurs, social workers, motivational accounts, online marketers.

And since then I realized what I have been missing all these years. Besides giving you a temporary entertainment the influencers do not add any positivity to your life. Rather, following accounts such as Jay Shetty, Gary V, Lewis Howes, Richard Branson, you will receive so much positivity and motivation.

Keep your standards high.

Not only on Instagram…on YouTube too. Follow channels where you can learn something new. Follow investment related channels, motivational channels.

Internet is one of the greatest gifts to the mankind. It has solved so many problems. There are numerous ways in which you could take advantage of this great tool at your disposal. Look at the bright side of things. Use Internet to your advantage.

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

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