How to Sell Bitcoin and Crypto on BitOasis?(Avoid this Beginner Mistake and Get More Money)

Here is an all-time chart for bitcoin:


Bitcoin has reached an all-time high of AED 236541 in 2021 and now trades at AED 156850 levels.

Bitcoin is not for the faint-hearted. The volatility of bitcoin is too much for many people and this is one of the reasons many people do not want to buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

One of the prominent ways for us to buy bitcoin in the UAE and the Middle East is through BitOasis. At certain times, you may need to sell your bitcoin to get some cash into your account.

If you’re selling your bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, I’ll recommend you to read this article so as not to make the beginner’s mistake which even I made.

How to Sell bitcoin on BitOasis:

Detailed Video Tutorial

Step 1: When you log in to your BitOasis account, you are presented with Dashboard:

image 1

There are 2 ways you can sell your bitcoin or cryptos:

  1. Through Core Buy/Sell
  2. Through Pro Exchange
bitcoin sell bitoasis 1

Step 1: Selling through Core Buy/Sell

Selling through Core Buy/Sell is easy. Click on the link and you will see the following page:

image 4
  1. Select Core Buy/Sell
  2. Click on Sell
  3. Select your Pair
  4. Enter amount of bitcoin or crypto that you’d like to sell
  5. This will automatically calculate the amount as per rate decided by BitOasis
  6. Click on Sell


Better Way to Sell Your bitcoin and crypto:

The better and most effective way to sell your crypto or bitcoin is through Pro Exchange.

image 5

Step 1: Click on Pro Exchange

image 6

To sell your digital asset, do the following:

bitcoin sell bitoasis 2
  1. Select your digital asset pair
  2. Click on Sell Tab
  3. Select whether Market Order or Limit Order
  4. Enter amount of digital asset to sell
  5. Click Sell

When the price market matches your desired sell price the digital asset will be sold (under limit order). If it is a market order, whatever the price prevails within the market will be processed.

Why should you sell under Pro Exchange?

Most people sell bitcoin and crypto through Core Buy/Sell as this is easier. But this is not a recommended way. You will lose a lot of money depending on your selling price if you sell through Core Buy/Sell feature.

There is a significant price difference between Core Buy/Sell and Pro Exchange. See the screenshots:


I hope you got value out of this post. Have you ever sold through Core Buy/Sell?

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