These Top 3 Meditation Apps Will Elevate Your Life in the Next 30 Days

At some point in your life, you’d have heard about meditation and its benefits. Meditation App can immensely help you.

You were always excited to see how meditation can help you.

However, meditation is not as complex as you think it is.

I was always intrigued by meditation. One of my uncles was practicing Yoga and I often used to see him sitting on the floor, closing his eyes, breathing rhythmically.

In schools we had a meditation session. But no one explained to us why should we meditate.

And in your childhood, you do not require meditation as you’d in your adult life.

I’ve been constantly chasing something in life:

  • career
  • relationships
  • pleasures
  • money

And you forget to take care of yourself.

I was constantly depressed, anxious!

Depressed about what things could be. Anxious of what life will be.

Your mind does not take a break.

However, I’d developed a good habit. A habit of reading books. And this changed me forever.

And a recurring theme kept emerging from the books I read. It was about self-care, self-development.

And one of the best things for self care is looking inwards.

Spending time with yourself is the greatest of self-care.

Meditation is the best way to look into yourself.

I started researching about the various ways of meditating.

While there are 100s of methods, there isn’t one right or wrong.

I’ve tried various ways to get into the habit.

And the following meditation apps helped me the most.

In this article, you will learn about the top 3 meditation apps that I’ve used:


Headspace is a meditation app. Think of it like a guide for your mind. You know, like a personal trainer but for your brain!

From the moment I opened the app, I found it welcoming. The friendly, colorful design made me feel good. It was like stepping into a calm, cozy room after a long day.

The main thing I use Headspace for is guided meditation. The narrator, Andy, has a super calming voice. His accent is British, and his words are easy to understand. It’s like having a wise friend calmly talking to me, guiding me to relax and clear my mind.

I started with the Basics course. It’s a ten-day introduction to meditation. What’s great is that it’s free, so you can try it without spending a dime! I found this very useful to get a feel for what meditation is all about.

headspace meditation app app store
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Headspace has many different meditation categories to choose from. Want to get better sleep? They’ve got a section for that. Feeling stressed or anxious? They’ve got you covered. There’s even a section for kids, which I think is super cool.

The animations on this app are awesome too. They help explain complex ideas in a simple way. For someone like me, who learns visually, this was a big win.

I’ve found the daily reminders very helpful. They keep me on track. The app also lets me choose the length of my meditation. On busy days, I do a quick 5 minutes. But when I have more time, I can go up to 20 minutes or more.

Now, let’s talk about the things I didn’t like as much.

The first thing is the price. After the free Basics course, you have to pay. I understand they have to make money, but I wish there were more free options.

The second thing is that some of the meditations can feel a bit repetitive. It’s not a big deal, but sometimes I wish there was a bit more variety.

But honestly, that’s about it for the negatives. Overall, I find the Headspace app really helpful.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to try meditation. Whether you’re a beginner like me, or someone more experienced, I think you’ll find value in it.

Remember, meditation is not about emptying your mind or achieving some kind of bliss. It’s about training your mind to be present and focused. And I think Headspace does an excellent job guiding you on that journey.

They also had a Netflix show about this app.

So, if you’re looking to take a step towards a calmer and more focused mind, give Headspace a shot. I’m glad I did!

Meditation App #2: Balance Meditation App

Balance is a meditation app I’ve used in the past. You know how most of us have personal trainers for our bodies? Balance is kind of like a personal trainer, but for your mind.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the app. It has a clean, calming design. It feels like you’re entering a peaceful space, perfect for relaxing and focusing.

image 3
image 4

The standout thing about Balance is its personalization. When I first logged in, it asked me a bunch of questions. It wanted to know my experience with meditation, my goals, and my challenges. It felt like it was really trying to get to know me.

Then it used my answers to create a personalized meditation plan. I think that’s super cool. It’s like it created a roadmap just for me!

The guided meditations have been really helpful. They have this calming voice that guides you through each session. The voice is like a friendly, patient teacher, guiding you one step at a time.

The beauty of this app is that depending on your selection of various inputs, the app provides you progress through the app which is personalized.

Balance covers a wide range of meditation topics. Trouble sleeping? They’ve got a program for that. Feeling stressed? They can help with that too. It even has programs for increasing gratitude or improving focus.

One neat feature is the “SOS” function. It’s for when you’re feeling really stressed or overwhelmed. With one click, it takes you to a calming meditation. This feature has come in handy more than once!

I also appreciate the ability to choose the length of my meditation. Some days, I only have time for a quick 5-minute session. Other times, I can sit for a full 20 minutes. It’s nice to have that flexibility.

However, no app is perfect, and Balance has a couple of things I think could be improved.

Firstly, the cost. After the 7-day free trial, it becomes a paid app. While I believe it’s worth the price, I do wish there were more free content available. I was lucky to get access to a ONE YEAR program.

Secondly, the daily meditations can sometimes feel a bit similar. I like variety, and occasionally I find myself wishing for something a bit different.

But really, those are minor issues. On the whole, I’m really enjoying my journey with Balance.

I would recommend Balance to anyone interested in meditation, whether you’re a newbie or have been doing it for years. The personalized plan makes the experience unique and more effective.

Remember, meditation isn’t about achieving perfect peace or an empty mind. It’s about training your mind to be present and more in tune with yourself. And from my experience, Balance does an amazing job at guiding you through that process.

So, if you’re ready to take a step towards better mental health, give Balance a try. It’s been a positive addition to my routine, and it could be for you too!

Meditation App #3: FitMind Meditation App

Think of FitMind as a workout routine, but instead of muscles, it’s for your mind. Pretty cool, right?

From the moment I opened FitMind, I found it approachable. It has a simple, user-friendly design. It feels like stepping into a quiet, peaceful space.

The thing I love most about FitMind is its focus on mental fitness. It uses a variety of techniques drawn from different meditation traditions. It’s a bit like cross-training for your brain!

When I first started, FitMind asked me a few questions. It wanted to know about my meditation experience, my goals, and any stress I was feeling. It used this info to tailor my experience. It felt like having a personal coach!

image 5
image 6

I’ve found the guided meditations really useful. The voice leading them is calming and easy to understand. It’s like having a kind, patient teacher at your side, walking you through each step.

FitMind covers a lot of different meditation topics. Struggling with sleep? They’ve got a program for that. Need help with focus? They can assist. There’s even a program to help you deal with emotions.

What I also like is that FitMind explains the science behind each technique. It’s like a mini psychology and neuroscience course. For a nerd like me, this is a big plus!

The app also lets you choose how long your meditation session will be. Sometimes I only have 5 minutes. Other times, I can do 20 minutes. This flexibility is a big win in my book.

Now, onto the things I wasn’t as thrilled about.

Firstly, FitMind isn’t free. After a trial period, you have to pay. While I think it’s worth it, it would be nice if more was available for free.

Secondly, I noticed some of the sessions can feel a bit repetitive. I appreciate consistency, but a bit more variety would be nice.

Despite these minor issues, I’m really enjoying FitMind.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a meditation app. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned meditator, FitMind has something to offer.

Remember, meditation isn’t about emptying your mind or achieving some state of bliss. It’s about training your mind, building mental strength, and understanding yourself better. And FitMind does a great job at helping you do that.

So if you’re ready to try a new type of mental workout, give FitMind a shot. It’s been a game-changer for me, and it might just be for you too!

Meditation is like a gym workout for your mind. It strengthens your mental muscles, improving focus, and reducing stress.

You know that feeling when your brain’s buzzing with too many thoughts? Meditation can help with that, making your mind calmer.

It’s also great for improving self-awareness. By quieting down the noise, you can tune into your feelings and thoughts. It’s a bit like getting to know yourself better.

Better sleep is another plus. Many people find that meditation helps them relax and sleep more soundly. And we all know how important a good night’s rest is for overall health!

Now, where do meditation apps like Headspace, Balance, and FitMind come in? Well, they make meditation more accessible.

You don’t need to be a monk on a mountaintop. These apps are like personal guides, leading you through each meditation.

They offer a variety of meditation styles and topics, so you can find what suits you best. Plus, they all have flexible session lengths, perfect for fitting meditation into a busy day.

However, these apps aren’t free, and they can sometimes feel a bit repetitive. But they’re a small price to pay for the mental wellness benefits they offer.

To sum it up, if you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start, these apps are a great place to begin. They’re like your personal meditation guide, ready and waiting in your pocket!

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