100+ Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids in Dubai (For Cheap or Free!)

With summer vacations around the corner, it is every parent’s nightmare to keep their kids entertained. There are loads of things your could do in Dubai. But most of them would cost a fortune.

My wife and I often have this argument on how to keep kids busy. I feel there is too much pressure on parents. I suggest that you take it lightly. Kids are good at keeping themselves busy and occupied. 

How can you make kids summer fun at home?

  1. Read books together.
  2. Watch kids movie together.
  3. Have a reading contest at home (make mom the judge!).
  4. Watch an animated movie.
  5. Write the summary of the animated movie.
  6. Shoot a video reviewing the movie.
  7. Watch documentary from National Geographic.
  8. Write about that experience.
  9. Explain in your own words the process of a hunt in the documentary.
  10. Give kids tasks around the house like watering plants, taking care of plants.
  11. Make a to do list for the next day together.
  12. Play snake and ladder.
  13. Play ludo.
  14. Play other board games like chess.
  15. Play indoors with a sponge ball.
  16. Let kids help in cooking by cutting the vegetables.
  17. Have food together.
  18. Teach to appreciate what you eat.
  19. Reward kids for house work. (I reward my son 5 Dirhams per day for watering plants & 2 Dirhams for gathering toys at night)
  20. Play hide and seek in the house.
  21. Cook food together.
  22. De-clutter the house with the kids.
  23. Donate what you do not want to a charity or recycle.
  24. Review your DEWA bill and educate kids on the importance of saving energy.
  25. Gather all the smaller electronic items. sell which you do not need and discard those you don’t use.
  26. Get a whiteboard and write your daily tasks.
  27. Ask your kids to write their goals in life. (you’ll be surprised what they come up with)
  28. Audit the stationery. (we usually keep on buying things we already have!)
  29. Audit the refrigerator.
  30. Open a separate bank account for kids.
  31. Whatever they earn goes to this bank account plus your own contribution.
  32. Have a pillow fight.
  33. Read story books (like Aesop’s fables, Arabian Night etc).
  34. Have your kids narrate the story to the entire family.
  35. Collect all the books you have ever purchased. sell those you do not need and donate to charity.
  36. Buy a musical instrument and start learning online.
  37. Audit the school books and discard the ones which your kids do not need or better give it to other grade students.
  38. Play Uno cards
  39. Learn to play Monopoly board game
  40. Write your holiday projects on the whiteboard.
  41. Let your kids call their grandparents (if alive) or relatives.
  42. Play ‘freeze’ game.
  43. Get a journal for your kids and make them write their daily activities before going to bed.
  44. Introduce your kids to your close friends.
  45. Call your close friends for dinner / lunch and make kids part of it.
  46. Create an imaginary monster of their choice and give it a unique name
  47. Write short stories about the monster
  48. Buy a kindle and get good kindle books.
  49. Create a YouTube channel to post reviews of the books read.
  50. Wash clothes manually once a week and make kids part of this process.
  51. Learn to make paper airplane.
  52. Let your kid perform as a stand up comedian with jokes they know.
  53. Tell a horror ghost story that you read or watched and see their reactions.
  54. In the night at bed, play shadow puppet with them.
  55. Arrange a quiz competition on general knowledge.
  56. Play a game of Anagrams.
  57. Involve kids with gardening.
  58. Go to a park. Walk or sit in the shade and look at the beautiful trees, plants and flowers.
  59. Play badminton in the park.
  60. Go for a stroll or jog in the evening.
  61. Play 80’s rock music and dance like no one is watching.
  62. Play old melodious songs and explain the meaning to them.
  63. Get all their clothes out  from the cupboard and only keep what they need.
  64. Play online games on computer together.
  65. Play Xbox or Playstation games (but limit the time!!)
  66. Play their favorite music and dance.
  67. Have a laugh out loud competition (LOL)
  68. Share cookies or chocolates with the neighbors
  69. Exercise in front of kids and let them imitate you.
  70. Carry kids on your back and act like a 4 legged animal
  71. If you have any savings or education plan for kids, make them aware of it and explain your efforts.
  72. Take out your old clothes and let kids paint them
  73. Create an indoor treasure hunt
  74. For each day, prepare different types of juices and milkshakes for them
  75. Buy greeting cards for various occasions and post them to your friends and relatives
  76. Create an email address for kids and send your thoughts as they are growing. Send all your happy / sad moments on email.
  77. Create a private Instagram account and post the daily pictures.
  78. If you have access to a library, take your kids there.
  79. Visit a museum. Explain to them the importance of history.
  80. Buy balloons and play balloon games at home.
  81. Visit a zoo. 
  82. Watch a Netflix documentary and keep track of all watch times in a journal.
  83. Give them your old phone and let them record random videos. Make a movie out of this end of the month.
  84. Bake something and make them baker for the day.
  85. If there is a volunteering opportunity, please do.
  86. Have imaginary concert or air guitar tournament on rock songs
  87. Visit a beach. 
  88. Build sand castles.
  89. Play ‘do not blink’ game
  90. Play ‘who holds the longest breath’ game.
  91. Play thumb wrestling.
  92. Create your own concert (like rock concert)
  93. Create a loud reading session for 5 minutes a day.
  94. Start a blog together. (write about all the activities you have done)
  95. Create post-it art on the wall
  96. Let them order a food they wish to eat by themselves.
  97. Learn to skip the rope.
  98. Visit goodreads.com and let them write review of the books they have read.
  99. Encourage your kids have an imaginary friend and share all the thoughts with him / her.
  100. You know what they are already passionate about! Let them create a business plan based on that.
  101. Teach them to be happy and cheerful always.
  102. Teach them golden words: Thank You, Sorry.
  103. Let them write an appreciation letter for you.
  104. Let them also point out where you could improve. (kids are good at this!)
  105. Play superhero theme party and wear your favorite superhero costume.

That’s more than 100! Have fun.

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