Podcast: How to Find Answers from Within You – With Aaron Dsouza

Everyone deserves a second chance, and so did I. All was not lost. There was hope for me.

Aaron D’souza

When it comes to success, we tend to look at our neighbours, friends, relatives and even strangers to find clues to achieve it. But what is more important is that we look inwards. The answers to all your queries lie deep within yourself.

In this episode of Success10X Podcast, Aaron shares particular tips on how to look inwards to achieve success.

In this episode you will learn:

#What is the internal dialogue that you go through every day?
#When you do a mistake, how compassionate and loving are you for yourself?
#Learn to live in the moment.
#The more we appreciate, the universe wants to give us more
#Acknowledge don’t accept it
#Be a little bit more loving and compassionate with yourself?

About Aaron D’souza

Aaron Dsouza is an international certified therapist, corporate trainer, and energy architect. He is also a member of the European Association for Regression Therapy. He was born in Dubai. He strongly believes that each one is their own universe which is beautiful and unique, making him passionate about I Am My Universe (IAMU).

Aaron has worked and transformed thousands of people from over 11 countries for more than a decade now, offers over 50 customized therapies and certified courses.

From getting an international certification in transpersonal regression therapy from the Tasso institute in the Netherlands to becoming a Theta healer in the USA and understanding the secrets of abundance and manifestation.

Reach Aaron: www.iammyuniverse.com

Deepak Machado 0:01

Before I get into this episode, I would like to say that I listened to this podcast episode more than three times already, because I had so much fun recording this. But then when I replayed that, I learned something new every time I listen to this, and Aaron, makes sure that he spoke from his heart. The lessons that he gave me today are immensely useful for me. Even at this time, and this age of my life, I feel I'm learning something today, I am, I'm able to change myself as a human being. And this is what happened. In today's episode, where we spoke about "Looking Inwards for Success." We always tend to look outside, we try to see our friends, we start to see our relatives, and compare ourselves to them. But that's not what we should do to attain success. And that is the core, that is the essence of today's episode. And I'm so happy that you're here listening to this episode. And let's get into this episode. And let's let's rock it.

In today's episode of Success 10X podcast, we will be talking about looking inwards to achieve success. And to discuss this, I have Aaron D'Souza. Aaron is an internationally certified therapist, corporate trainer, and energy architect. He's also a member of the European Association for Regression Therapy. He was born in Dubai, he strongly believes that each one is their own universe, which is beautiful and unique, making him passionate about 'I am my Universe.' Aaron has worked and transformed 1000s of people from over 11 countries for more than a decade, and offers over 50 customized therapies and certified courses.

Hello, Aaron. How're you doing today?

Aaron D'souza 2:26

Fantastic, Deepak, how are you?

Deepak Machado 2:27

I'm doing well. So have I missed anything in your introduction?

Aaron D'souza 2:31

Not really.

Deepak Machado 2:33

Okay, let me just get into the crux of our topic today. I'm curious, Aaron, what made you choose this path of life?

Aaron D'souza 2:42

So basically, I chose this path out of no choice, I was going to excruciating pain, nothing was working in my life the way I wanted to, or the way each one of us want our life to be perfect and beautiful and successful. It wasn't happening in my case. And then I so happened to speak to one of my friends. And he told me that there is a solution to all of this. And the solution is when you look inward, and when you really work on yourself, things start to change in your life. So I did take his advice, space seriously, I did work on myself. And life actually started becoming really exciting, smooth, lovable, enjoyable, and successful. So then I realized that this work, and then once I experienced it myself, I decided to help as many people and transform as many people as I can. And with God's grace, I'm able to do it as of now. So that's my story of what really brought me to this particular field of therapy.

Deepak Machado 3:54

Great Aaron. So this from for my understanding, who is an energy architect.

Aaron D'souza 4:01

So an energy architect is basically a term which I've coined. I am a gifted clairvoyant, clairvoyant people are people who are able to see things and tell about a person even when they don't know anything about that person. So I can meet someone for the first time and tell you a lot about that person's life, and very personal details, which only that person would know. Now, it's that gift is also when it comes to offices, properties, houses, and so on. I'm able to connect with the energy of the house or the office. I have a huge clientele who called me and asked me what needs to be done, or how do we realize the energy of the house or the property to bring it to bring maximum benefit for the client. So if you notice there are certain houses when you enter you feel good instantly. Or you may notice No matter how much money you have, you're unable to invest in a property, or you invest in a property and the property doesn't reap benefits, there's always a reason for it. We all are energy beings. So an energy architects session is basically taken by an individual who wants to realign the energy of the house, office or property either rented or when they're going to buy, to check if it's aligned to their own personal proper energy. So once you realize that the energy of the house is aligned to your personal energy, you will be able to enjoy that house way beyond imagination.

Deepak Machado 5:39

So I read this beautiful quote, "Everyone deserves a second chance. And so did I all was not lost. There was hope for me." Aaron What does this mean? And what's the story behind this?

Aaron D'souza 5:53

So basically, what happened was, it was so perceived that my issue was faced severe as a client. A lot of therapists didn't want to take me because I was a very, very India. So I remember that one of the most reputed therapists in Dubai, of course, I'm not going to put the therapists name literally rejected my case, saying that you are a very negative person. And I don't think I'll be able to work on it. So I was really devastated. And I remember calling my friend and saying, you know, if this therapist has rejected my case, I am avantage, there is no hope for me. And I very well remember my friend telling me that arrow when one door closes, the other one opens. So I was currently the By that time, and my friend said, is a very, very good therapist back in India. She's fantastic. And she will definitely be able to help you. And I remember flying down to India for my session. And as I landed in India, I went to this therapist, and this therapist saw my case. And she told me, You know what, actually, your case is very intense. And it's not a usual case, however, I'm willing to work on it. I'm willing to work on you, because everyone deserves a second chance. And I very well remember telling this therapist Wait and watch how I transform. So even today, when I contact my therapist, she says the way of transform is beautiful and unimaginative. So she generally quotes my example to her clients that you know, I did have this particular client, who literally transformed so from being perceived as a very baggy, very negative person, negative individual cribbing, about life. And, you know, thinking life is not good enough feeling unworthy today, where I'm able to help each and every individual find their own brilliance. That's my transformation. So yeah, the sex, I'm really grateful to my therapist. And I'm thankful to God therapists in Dubai, who rejected my case, because had that therapist not rejected my case, I wouldn't need such a brilliant thanks to that therapist also.

Deepak Machado 8:12

Yeah, we have to be grateful for whatever it is, whether it is good, or whether it is bad, it is meant for something. Okay. I also believe in that. So Aaron, I stumbled upon personal growth very late in my life. But I feel that I'm grateful that I stumbled across you know, personal growth, because I believe personal growth is a great gateway to other kinds of growth. So when I started concentrating on my personal growth, then other doors in my life started opening; the financial growth, the relationships started improving in my life. Why is personal growth important? And what are your rules for personal growth?

Aaron D'souza 8:51

see personal growth as a term is personal. And it's very, very important. And unfortunately, even to the morning, as I was having a discussion with one of my clients, I was telling them that I wish this was taught in school, because everything does start with you know, all the spiritual people and all are continuously telling us that look within the keys within this should be some base. There is a reason why most of the spiritual people are able to maintain calm and be steady and be, you know, you know, that peace, that place is a reason there's a formula to it. Now, why personal growth is because I feel and I strongly believe that you are your universe. If you believe that you're good, the universe is going to offer that to you. Let me give you a simple example. If you feel you are not worthy. Do you think people around you are going to make you feel worthy? Oh, I want to make you feel more miserable about your own existence? Absolutely. You start with a thought. So if you can keep whoever's listening to this person Killer podcasts, close your eyes for a moment and keep telling yourself, I'm useless and worthless and good for nothing. You know, I'll never make it in life. Keep saying that to yourself and feel how your body feels your body most probably will not feel good. Now why is he most probably is because there are certainly individuals who say, you know what, I didn't feel anything, which was absolutely okay. It only goes to show that how comfortable you have become with your own self criticism. You're so used to criticizing yourself that now you don't even feel in your body. But technically, you shouldn't feel good. Now close your eyes and say, I'm lovable. I'm loving, I'm talented, I am worthy, you feel good. So when you feel good, you are at a particular frequency. And that frequency will attract your success, good health, everything. It starts with a thought. If you really notice any kind of emotional feeling that we go through starts with a thought Absolutely. Over and over again. Even if you close your eyes and think of your favorite sweet or ice cream, you will feel a sensation in your throat. You know, you you will feel it. That's what advertisements advertisers do. They successfully plant that seed in your mind that this is the toothpaste, this is the bike This is the car or this is a T shirt you need to have in your home. If you don't have this, you're not good enough, you're not worthy enough. Look at all the advertisement, how is it that you're able to go and pick up only that toothpaste and not even change your brand for years. Now, of course, I'm not going to take names of certain brands, for obvious reasons. But if you really look at it very strategically, even with the sale of a car, they make you feel powerful by this car, you will be a class apart, you will be powerful, you know, girls will run behind you how beautifully there made you feel powerful, worthy, and like as if you have it all. And if you don't have this particular car in your life, you go for nothing. You know, but the trick is to look within and see. Because you know, this is something I'm grateful to some of the spiritual leaders that debug a particular car can give you happiness temporary. If you really look at it, initially, you feel good in that car, but then you get used to it. And then you look for the next car or the next design. So constantly advertisers are making us feel unloved. Feeling that we don't have enough. Now, if you within you feel the same emotion of feeling, you are going to feel up, you know, this satisfied or not contented throughout your life. But once you look within and say you know, I'm worthy, trust me, and you can go to my website, I've got beautiful testimonials, and thanks to my clients who have really said that when you look with them, it's a different feeling. You feel good. And that feeling will be able to attract a different set of people and energy around you. I hope I've answered that question.

Deepak Machado 13:25

Absolutely. Aaron, I'm learning so much within just 10 minutes of our conversation, which I have not heard, as of as of now, as of today. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I come to realize that the quality of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts. So that's why I these days, try to put good thoughts, good affirmations within me, and it has helped me a lot. It's helped me, in fact, transform my life, you know, turn my life around, I can just see 2018 where my life was, and where 2020 where my life was, although we were undergoing one of the biggest events in the history of mankind, I could see that I was determined I developed that grit and developed that resonance in me that I am enough and I can overcome any challenges. So Aaron, when it comes to personal growth, what couple of questions that I can ask myself, that will reveal a lot about me? Do you have any formula or do ask your clients any particular questions when they come for you come to you for help?

Aaron D'souza 14:38

My clients basically come with a particular issue in their life or they want to enhance a particular area of their life. So it's a myth when you say therapy is only for people who have issues No. Therapy is like food. The type of food changes based on your health, but you eat every day I hope so. So, therapy is for either working on a particular issue in your life, or is to enhance a particular area of your life. Now, if you come with a particular, like, take the example of personal growth, how do you feel about yourself? What is the internal dialogue that you go through every day? When you do a mistake, how compassionate and loving are you for yourself? See, the sad part is we are brilliant when it comes to expressing love or making other people feel comfortable. When they experience the when it comes to ourselves, how critical we are of ourselves, we lash out, how stupid could they be, you know, when will I learn? And I'm like, you know, you even started by saying I started late. So what? But maybe this was the right time for you. And though you started late, today, you are at another level. You know, how about being a little bit more compassionate towards yourself. I have people who say, you know, I wish I knew about therapy years ago, but it's okay, you came to know today. Let's start from today, let's stop beating ourselves. And the first thing is to be intellectually aware of how much we criticize ourselves at a daily basis on a daily basis. And I will write and give it to even the most successful person, I've worked with different kinds of people with different kinds of different bank balance, you know. And one thing, which I've noticed with a lot of people, including me, which I've worked on, is there is this feeling of I'm not good enough. And at some level, we all are looking for love and except, you know, because we feel that particular branded item for that particular designation will give us a knowledge. But the truth is you pay a very high premium for. So this few questions are asked my clients is, how do you feel about? What do you tell yourself when you make a mistake? How loving are you to yourself? How compassionate is yourself? What is your expectation of your own self? Without having a benchmark of the Society of your parents of what do you think about yourself. And most of the time, majority of the time, they don't know them serve what they want. Because they just want to be a particular way. So someone can love them myself. So you look at any issue in your life, it will come down to or not put it up, or you want to be loved and accepted by people around. So we are literally giving the key of you know, happiness to someone else and expecting them to fulfill or complete us. So that's how it goes about.

Deepak Machado 18:15

Yes, most of what you told I can relate to my life. I always used to blame myself for many things that happened in my life, small small things. Okay, big things... there were no, I bought a property. Why did I buy it? I should have bought it yesterday, I actually bought it two years back, my dad should have bought this 10 years back, blaming yourself, blaming others in your family.. where do we develop this, this.

Aaron D'souza 18:45

This happens in our child. So whenever I work with any client, the first two sessions are only about the clients childhood. Because what happens Deepak is as children, we look up to our parents, because our survival is based on them. Now, if you are not raised by our parents, then who was your primary caretaker, maybe your house maid, maybe your uncle, maybe your grandparents. So what kind of language they use, what fears they had to pick up from them. Now a lot of people have this belief that you need to struggle in life to be successful. Life is not easy. Money doesn't grow on trees. You know, there are much better people than you are. Don't think you're too great. Now imagine a child who's constantly criticized or is not given the space. So I you know, today visit to the beach, and I could see this father wanting to teach his son swimming. Now the son is petrified, crying Victorian, you know, literally holding the Father's hand, saying don't don't don't let the father's pushing the child. Now in my In this unfortunate, you know, of course, a father, maybe not knowing any better way, because maybe the Father Himself was thought in that way. But just imagine the state of this child, I'm hardly fires, the person that I trust the most, which happens to be my father is discounting my tears. discounting my, you know, my, I'm screaming, I'm literally pushing me into that beach. I'm helpless. And the person who actually I trust who I'm holding on to, is pulling my hand. Just imagine what is going through that chart. And I saw the father was noticing I was literally noticing that after some time, I could see the Father. You know, making the action of shred snap, you know, if you don't, you know, I felt it's a very different feelings and screaming. I mean, they, the person that I trust is pushing me in the water. I have no clue what's happening to me. And when I'm looking to him with my eyes filled with tears, you're actually telling threatening me to slap up? Do you really think this child will grow up? Be Now there are two ways. Either the child will say, you know what, this is not how it's done, I felt really bad. And I don't think this is the way you need to treat people. And the son will be compassionate and loving people around them. Or the child will say, this is exactly how I love it's because if my father who I love the most is doing this, to me, this must be love. Now, the sad part is sometimes As parents, we actually tell the child that you know what I'm doing this for? you not understand it today, but tomorrow you will. So the child is internalizing and saying, okay, so if I'm in pain, and then my father is threatening to slap me. And now he's saying it's for my own good. So maybe this is my own, get it? Because children are innocent. They pick up that imagine this child growing up, what's going to be his mindset, state mindset. So whenever I speak to the client in the first two sessions, the way they speak, you can make up I have one more client, every time the client said no, as a as a kid, like as youngest four years old, the father would slap the client, will you say no again? So of course, this client came to me with a presenting issue that I'm unable to say no. And then when we regress the client to childhood, why would you ever say no? If every time you're going to be snapped, or yelled at for saying no, you will be a yes person. So it's very easy to judge an individual saying, you know what, this person can't say no. And what a useless husband I have a what a useless Father, what are useless Why? Why can't you say no, you know, sometimes we yell at our spouses or why can't you say no? But are you willing to explore the reason why you can't say no. And there is always a reason why you behave the way you behave. So getting back to your question, it's all in your childhood and how you have been conditioned, and how you perceive that response of your loved ones, where your survival was based on your parents or your survival. If you're five years old, we will go deeper. So my request to all are watching this podcast or listening to it, Please learn to speak to your child in a more loving manner. And if your father, your parent didn't do that to you, my request is being changed. Or if you say, you know, this is the way it is. ask yourself a question. How did you do that? I highly doubt in cipher. So if you didn't feel good, why are you doing the same? Get it?

Deepak Machado 24:03

Yes, absolutely. I'm a culprit of that to my kids. I've changed a lot from last few years. And I'm proud of myself. Aaron, how would a life filled with contentment look like?

Aaron D'souza 24:19

Yet to reach this, I wouldn't be able to tell you how I live full of content because I'm still working on myself. And I believe that I will continue working on myself. However, I have experienced it. Another view of you know, when you really realize your potential, and you really start loving yourself and start being compassionate with yourself. Believe me, your life transform. Your health improves, your finances improve. You're able to enjoy your relationships because it's very personal. See, there's a reason why the walks and all are constantly working on contentment, and you know that inner peace, because there is something there. So, of course, I've had episodes of that extreme blissfulness and contentment. However, whenever I reach a particular state where I don't feel it to the level that I would like to feel it, I do ask myself, I don't question myself, there's a difference when you question and you ask yourself with a lot of love, I asked myself, okay, what's happening? How would I like this to? Go ahead? Go ahead. And so I focus a lot on love and compassion.

Deepak Machado 25:46

Thank you for that, Aaron, what's your mission in life? And how are you manifesting it? Do you have any affirmation that you keep telling to yourself, or any practices that you will do to manifest your mission in your life and to the world?

Aaron D'souza 26:01

So one thing that I generally do is 'living in the moment', because you can manifest anything, if you are in totality in that moment. Now, a lot of people are not in the moment. They're either on their cell phone, or they're thinking of their next meeting, or they're thinking what happened yesterday. They're constantly I call it the washing machine, the washing machine in your head is constantly on and run, and it doesn't stop. So if it's constantly running, how do you run expect to be in the now? And if you're not in the now how do you expect to create some, because creation happens in the now. if you notice, the more you focus thing is that now your life transforms. If you really, really close your eyes, and just be with yourself with that nanosecond in totality, you will experience this.

Deepak Machado 27:02

Any practices that you recommend to get into the now?

Aaron D'souza 27:06

first thing, which I highly recommend is being grateful. So I'm grateful to you Deepak for this opportunity, for inviting me over , I am thankful to you and thankful to catch it, which I am speaking on at the moment, I'm thankful to the air conditioning, I'm thankful that I'm able to breathe, and thank you need to start giving gratitude for everything in your life. Now, sometimes people might say, you know, you have no idea how miserable my life, you know, I don't have the money, I don't have the hair, etc, etc. You really want me to be grateful? And my answer to that is Yes. Because the only way for you to get out of the suffering you are at the moment is gratitude. Let me put it this way. How would you feel if I say you know, the pack a wonderful person, you are amazing. You're a sweetheart. You know, you're someone that I like to be with? How would it be? Amazing? Yeah. Now how would you feel? If I say you know what Deepak you're boring? No, no, what are we doing? You're and you know, what's the big deal that invited me on the show, etc? Would you ever want to be with me? No, no. That's exactly how the universe works. The more we appreciate, he universe wants to give us more. So start practicing. Start practicing mindfulness. So when we are when you're conversing with someone, please refrain from using a mobile app. When you're eating food, please refrain from using a mobile app for the love of God when you're going to the restroom at least that can spare yourself. Don't take a cell phone with start practicing one thing at a time. I think if you start doing this to gratitude and being in the now Your life will transform drastically, for your own good.

Deepak Machado 29:11

Yes, thank you for giving those points. I also believe that what you appreciate, appreciates,

Aaron D'souza 29:17

Multiplies whatever you give gratitude to multiplies in your life. Same thing with criticism. Same thing with criticism.

Deepak Machado 29:26

Yes. Thank you. Aaron, what would be your suggestion for somebody who has burden on the shoulders who struggling personally to come out of that shell of this society or their own creation? What suggestions do you have for them?

Aaron D'souza 29:39

So the first suggestion is to acknowledge don't accept it, acknowledge? Yeah, at this moment, I am burdened with nice talk. Start with acknowledge I don't like this. I feel my life is not good. By the new acknowledge that things start to change, there is a movement, because whatever you resist will persist. And the next thing is to start thinking of it is one thing that can be put in your I would just, I just can't believe that there is nothing that you can be grateful for. I'm sure there is one thing you will be grateful. Maybe some one of your loved one is in the hospital. And maybe someone is calling you every day to see check. How is your loved one feeling? Even that is a blessing. So the more you focus on the beauty of life, believe me like coaching. So the first thing which I even tell my client is start by acknowledging what you want. So if you feel you're not good enough, don't accept it. But at least start acknowledging, yes, I feel I'm not. I now choose to believe in myself. So you start by acknowledgement. And then you move towards a decision or choice. So I acknowledge the fact that I'm not good looking. I now choose to see the billions and get it. Yes. Start to buy, you will see a transformation.

Deepak Machado 31:28

Yes. so I've gone through your website, Aaron is beautiful. Iammyuniverse.com. So reading stuff about you, I realized that you give importance to looking inwards. Okay? Why so?

Aaron D'souza 31:39

Because that's where creation begins? Why wouldn't I would directly go to the person who can do something about my life, rather than go outward? So any person who has created or invented something, who do you think invented something? Exactly. So do you feel you look at most of the people who are successful in a lot of criticism, a lot of people don't believe in them when they believed in themselves. However, you know, a lot of people say love yourself, love yourself, I really what that sentence is incomplete. Because you can be a drunkard and for you loving yourself is getting drunk every night. Or you can be someone who's addicted to food. Now a lot of people are addicted to food and they don't know. And you can be stuffing your mouth throughout the day and say, you know, I love myself okay, as you can really be putting on weight and being unhealthy and say, you know, I love myself. So as I tell my clients, love yourself, however, be responsible and accountable for nothing else. So the key words are responsible can accountability, and win win situation. So if you enjoy drinking, and if you perceive it, as if I drink everyday, that means I'm loving myself. Be responsible for your action and be accountable for your health. And have a win win situation as in? Is your family also comfortable with you getting drunk every day? If you are someone, I've seen a lot of people and they each store unhealthy. They're putting on so much of weight and people are like love yourself. You know what you love yourself? Good. But be responsible for your life. be accountable for your action, and win win situation. If you're responsible and accountable and women situation you're so so I would say majority of the people have got this whole concept of loving themselves wrong, harming themselves. So I had a client who was shot so much that they didn't even have money to pay their rent. And they call it loving themselves. I had a client who would eat non stop saying I'm loving myself. But you have so much health issues, the doctors telling you that you really need to work on your way. No, I'm loving myself and unfortunately, people around them also starting you know what you need to love yourself. It's okay what the world says love yourself. That's not love that's abusing yourself. So three key words, Mike, whoever's listening to this responsibility, accountability and win win situation. If it's causing harm to you and other people, that's not love. That's abuse. That's emotional abuse. Imagine someone your loved one looking at you. You're drinking away to clothing. You're calling it love, and your loved one is it? Is that really loving yourself? That's being selfish. So I am really thanking the universe in advance that whoever's listening to this podcast starts to incorporate these three words in their life. And if you notice, my client, I will generally speak up this tree once.

Deepak Machado 35:24

Thanks, Aaron, thanks for sharing those. Those, those keywords for us to follow. And I'm also learning myself so much from this episode talking with you. Aaron, do you have any morning routine that has that have helped you to achieve your goals, or, you know, go to the next level?

Aaron D'souza 35:42

Okay. I really don't stick to a particular routine. Because for XYZ reason, however, I do believe in a lot of inner work. So every day I work on myself on my belief system. And I asked myself, how can I upgrade myself? Now, I don't believe in changing yourself, though. That's a word which resonates with a lot of people. I believe in upgrading yourself. Now, let me explain the difference. When you want to change something, you're actually rejecting a part of you, you're seeing that this part of you is not good enough. So how can you really expect someone to be loving towards yourself when you yourself criticize yourself? So it's like a mobile? When you buy a new mobile? Do you change it every time or periodically, you upgrade? You upgraded? So how does it sound? I want to change myself, or I would like to upgrade myself, which sounds bad. I'm gonna do sound better. Because you feel good about yourself, you are not rejecting a part of yourself. So routine, per se, I don't have a set routine. I know it sounds very nice thing. I wake up every morning and I do this and I read a book. No, I don't do that. Of course, I have been walking for the past 23 days every day. However, I am not hell bent on following that routine. I believe in following my intuition. If tomorrow, I feel that I don't want to do that I will not. However, my advice for people who's listening is you again need to be responsible and accountable. If you feel your life is not working, check why your life is not working. And if routine is going to help you go for it. But that doesn't mean I'm not organized. And that doesn't mean that I don't have a schedule. But I just don't have a fixed routine.

Deepak Machado 37:55

Okay, thanks for sharing. Thanks for being honest, Aaron. I like that, like your response. Do you have any favorite books that you've read or you're reading?

Aaron D'souza 38:08

So the first book, I'm not much of a reader. But my therapist before I had to meet her in India. She said, if you don't read this book, I will not take a session. And I think that's the first time in my life, I went and purchased a book. And that book name is called "You Can Heal Your Life." It's a mandatory book that all my clients who want to see sessions from me have to read. Now, if you're someone who doesn't like reading, then that is also available. You can even watch. But it's one book that will transform your life. It transformed my life. So that's one book I would highly highly.

Deepak Machado 38:56

Thank you, Aaron for sharing your knowledge for educating me. I learned a lot from this episode. I'm sure our listeners also have become more intelligent, you know, after listening to this conversation, and I am sure you're as inspired as I am to grow and to learn. Aaron, do you have any parting words for the listeners?

Aaron D'souza 39:19

Only thing I would like to tell everyone who's listening this is can you please be a little bit more loving and compassionate with yourself? I think it's high time you keep that with that felt that stick down. And that tongue which is criticizing, you know, my only request is once Can you be a little bit more loving and compassionate towards yourself. And the day you decide to say I am lovable. I am worthy. It's okay. It's okay. Believe me, you will be able to enjoy more health, wealth, relationships, trust me, you will. The key is to be a little bit more loving and compassionate towards yourself. So the mantra is, I am lovable. start saying that from today, simple. And I tell my clients, you can even say it as you please. You can say that because three times when you're driving, when you're speaking, keep saying I am lovable. I am worthy. I'm amazing. Keep saying this is a very high vibration watch. Life is good and easy. And there is a solution to everything. All you need to do is start loving. However, the three things, responsibility, accountable accountability, and win win. Thank you.

Deepak Machado 41:02

Thank you, Aaron, for sharing your heart. Speaking from your heart, and you know, pouring your heart into this conversation. I enjoyed it a lot. And I wish you all the best and Where can the listeners find you?

Aaron D'souza 41:16

Okay, so all you have to do is go to www.iammyuniverse.com. And you will get all the details that you require on that website. So, yeah, that's about it. If you want my contact details, that's on the website, also on the contact page.

Deepak Machado 41:38

Thank you, Aaron. I'll be also mentioning it in the show notes. This has been a great conversation.

Aaron D'souza 41:47

thank you for this invitation. Once again, thank you for all the questions. And I really appreciate that because when you ask questions, people are able to understand life. So thank you once again.

Deepak Machado 42:01

Thank you, Aaron, and welcome anytime.

How was it? Did you enjoy this conversation I had with Aaron. Aaron is such a sweet person is such a sweet person. And, and I would like to thank you for spending time with me today, learning something new. And I would love you to implement this in your life. I hope and believe that this podcast episode has had some level of change within yourself. And our intention is to help you and inspire you to achieve higher success. Join me on this journey to success and Success 10x. If you've learned something new in this episode, please share this with your friends, with your family in your whatsapp group or Telegram group or Facebook wherever you'd like to. And you can also subscribe to this podcast on Spotify, or Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app.

I sincerely thank you for your time and for listening to this episode. I wish you all the best. May you be well. May you be happy and may find success. Do well, too. Good. Thank you so much.

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